Prepare for Your Motorcycle Race with Tire Paint Pens


When you first buy a motorcycle, you feel great. It’s high tech, it has a powerful engine, it’s a cool image, and it might even be a status symbol. But at the end of the day, your motorcycle will be almost the same as hundreds of other motorcycles of the same make and model on the road or the race tracks. This is where some clever enthusiasts came up with the idea to add some personal styling to the motorcycle, and motorcycle tire paint pens were born.

Most tire pens come in the form of markers filled with specially formulated, high quality, stick-to-rubber paint that motorcycle owners can then apply to their tires. TirePenz are an excellent way to stand out from the world of black rubber and gray tarmac by turning your motorcycle into a head turner.

Tire pens come in a variety of colors and come both as standalone markers, and as part of complete kits with brushes and additional liquid solutions. These extra accessories can add shine and flash, and make your paint job even more vibrant on the racetrack or the road. While you can use tire pens to do your own designs and markings on the tire, most owners use them to accent the original manufacturer’s markings. However, there are no limits to creativity!

Tire pens can give very good results if used properly. The paint is durable and will stay vibrant for many miles if you don’t rub the tire against the road curb or rocks.

Tire paint pens are a very creative tool to prepare your motorcycle for a race! You can use them to:

● Paint the sidewalls of your tires
● Paint tread grooves of your tires


1. Your tire needs to be perfectly clean before you apply the paint. This means that you have to remove any dirt, tire shine, or grease that might be on the tire. If you need to, you can use a wire brush to scrape off rough layers or dirt. Just be gentle. You can also use a de-grease and finish everything off with alcohol.

2. Once you tire is clean, take the pen and shake well for the paint to mix in case of some separation. Lightly depress the tip of the marker to make the paint flow better through the pen. You can now start painting by apply even and thin layer of paint. Multiple think layers will have a better longevity and appearance than a single thick layer which dries unevenly.

3. Be creative, patient and have a light touch. Finesse is very important when applying the paint. When you’re done with painting leave the paint to dry for about 12 hours.

Tire paint pens are a great way to show your creativity and make your motorcycle unique. Have fun!